Foreign Earned Income Exclusion


Article process

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User very plain and simple language (replace complex with simple words in very short sentences).


Shorten sentences with words greater than 12+ words where possible


Remove colloquialisms (“And…” “However, “)


Use H2 and H3 headers


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1-2 IRS links


3 competitors links


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Start to think about hierarchy articles


  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Use MDR to save Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Manchester Landlords using MDR to save SDLT



Section title “The frequently asked questions about [Enter tax]’


As property accountants, we are regularly asked [Enter tax]. We will look to answer the below questions in this Article.


List with bullet points “ – “


[Type in Keywords into Google]


Section Title: “Why you may be paying too much [enter tax]’


As US/UK expat tax experts, we know that…


There are many reasons why British people living in the United States pay far more tax than they need. This is because

-They do not know what they do not know.

-They have not spoken to a tax specialist that knows all the UK and US tax laws

-Their accountants in the UK are not knowledgeable when it comes to the US tax laws under the IRS

-Their CPAs are not knowledgeable when it comes to the UK tax laws under HMRC

-[Add to list and remove from the above]

Section Title: “Why you [enter a phrase to illustrate pain or anxiety about this subject]


Create pain and add salt to the wound of why  for the reader may lose out or suffer because of this subject.


Create another section with an example of why things go wrong (possibly use a Google search to say for example: “Why people pay too much council tax”.



Section Title: “Understanding the basics of [tax]”


As UK/US expat tax experts, we know that…


[Insert a painful statement of how much tax is paid to IRS using the stats from IRS].


[Create an IRS link to some of the text narrative]



Section Title:  See questions in the top section, create a section for each question listed and answer




Section Title:  See questions in the top section, create a section for each question listed and answer




Section Title:  How does this affect our UK readers.


Any income that is deemed to be Foreign Income in the eyes of the IRS may be taxable in the UK. Any taxable income may need to be reported on a UK self assessment tax return


To learn more, make sure you head over to our sister company Optimise Accountants that helps Americans save tax in the UK. It is one thing to be Tax efficient in the UK or the US; it is another thing to be Tax efficient across the Atlantic. This is why you need to get a tax advisor that truly understand international Tax.