Do you want to be more tax efficient in the future?

Simon and Louise - The team behind Purser Tax

Do you want to be more tax efficient in the future?

Louise and Simon are partners in life and business. They have owned businesses and real estate property investments. They are ever aware that tax is complex and should not be rushed when it comes to planning and forming the right structures. They have worked with clients to solve the many issues that both the IRS and HMRC present. It is one thing to be tax efficient in one country. It is another to be tax efficient in both the UK and the US.

Our personal values are our business values

Act with honesty and integrity with self and others

Act within the law.
Ensure we are honest with ourselves and stick to our personal values.
Honest with our clients to help them to be more profitable… Do this, not that.

Care for oneself then others

On an airplane always told to put mask on oneself first.
If you are strong then you can help others.
Look after ourselves: mind, body and spirit.

Do your best every day

Ensure we are present with ourselves and our clients.
Give 100% each time.

Our own personal journey through the tax nightmares of the IRS and HMRC

The issue with UK and US tax is that they are not joined up. We need to think transatlantic tax efficiency, not UK or US. We take the time to understand the income earned in both the US and in the UK for us to identify the most tax efficient structure.


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